Najeti Capital operates in Europe investing on technology-driven, expansion projects.

Najeti Capital has always considered co-investment as the best option to face its investments. That’s why Najeti pretends to keep on investing in projects whose rounds (now bigger) involve the participation of different investors.

Najeti Capital places itself as a strategic partner for those non-especialized investors who can opt for innovation as an interesting area for the future and look for a reference partner to rely on when making decissions in their investment processes.



Najeti Capital’s main objective is to invest in areas considered ‘strategic’ due to their innovation demand, globality, technologies convergency and strong impact for industry and society, and where Najeti Capital already counts on a contrasted experience.

Najeti Capital invests in high potential projects, which meet these characteristics:

Experienced Management Teams
Team Commitment
A clear Strategy and Business Model
Innovative Technology
Strong Intellectual Property
Complementary portfolio profile
Significant Market Potential
Deal Structure
Attractive Exit Options
International Expansion


Our Fund Size
The Najeti Group manages its own fund permitting to fulfill the investment strategies independently in the long term, and distributes funds according to market potential and the requirements of continuing investments. The Group has already invested around €60 million in 25 companies at the international level.

Najeti’s committed funds in Spain already total approximately €20million in our current portfolio (9 companies). In the near future, new funds will be invested in some follow-up investments and participation in new potential projects.


Our Contribution
Through its dedicated team of investment professionals with extensive field expertise and recognized venture development methodologies, Najeti Capital offers company value enhancement to the entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Najeti Capital provides more than capital to our investments. Najeti Capital also provides knowledge and a wide range of services and resources to empower companies with a unique competitive advantage.